Staff and owners treat me like a family. They are always there for me emotionally and they provide me with whatever I need. I’m very lucky to be here and I don’t feel like I live in a group home setting—N.W

The house is clean. staff and owners are very supportive and caring. I get a ride to any place that I request and I don’t have to take the bus. The house is close to all my favorite gas stations and tobacco store. H.S

I like the room that I got. It’s very spacious and I got my own keys. I like the food and the staff cooks hot meals three times a day. I get my favorite food and the food that I request many times. The staff support me with dealing with my mental illness and they know how to talk to me when I’m having a bad day. -A.A

The owners work with case managers really well to make sure I’m my care plan is met and to better manage my mental illness. Nurse and house manager work with my doctor and advocate for me. If I have any medication concerns or I need to change my medication they are always there for me. The house manager is always on site and asks me how I’m doing or if I have any concerns. I feel respected and cared for. M.M

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