About Us

Hilal O. RN-BSN, PHN

Co-owner/Director of Nursing

Hilal is a caring and compassionate registered nurse with an extensive experience working with individuals who have medical and psychiatric illnesses.

She is the co-founder of Metropolitan Sincerity HomeCare. Hilal graduated from Bemidji State University with Bachelorette Degree in Nursing. She is a certified Public Health Nurse(PHN) from Minnesota Board of Nursing. Hilal has worked as a float nurse about 5 years where she worked with patient who have extensive medical needs. In recent three years she has been working as a psychiatric nurse. Her experience at the bedside inspired her to serve her community outside the hospital and continue to practice as compassionate and caring nurse.

Abdiweli Shuriye


Abdi has managed customized living facilities over 10 years in two different states. He has in-depth experience working with client with complex medical and psychiatric needs. By profession, he is a medical lab technician. Currently, he still practices as a lab technician in one of the biggest hospitals in the metro area. Abdi is a compassionate person. He is dedicated to make changes in the vulnerable adult population and help others through his care. His acquired experiences gives him the confidence to take this role.

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